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Mental Health in the Music industry

Now everyone knows having mental health difficulties are difficult but when you're a creative person it can really get on top of you and stop you

from for-filling your full potential. Wanting to paint, write or compose or even just sing and not being able to because your chemicals are out of balance will forever feel unfair to me, but life goes on and you're not alone f you feel this was also.

Instead of writing diaries, i like to use my emotions to write songs instead. If you aren't musically inclined then maybe you can try and write a poem or paint, i feel like turning the pain into art is the best way to get something out of the way you are feeling, and a lot of my music was written in times where i have not felt my best. This lead some people to say some of my music is "depressing" and i wont lie, some of it is, because thats how i was feeling when i wrote it and im ok with that, because art can be pain and pain can be art.

Performing has always been very difficult for my because my anxiety gets in the way, i start to uncontrollably sweat and shake and find it hard to breathe and my throat closes up, i am yet to find a solution to this so if anyone has any advice please get in touch! A lot of the fear comes from not wanting to fail and also not feeling like you're good enough, and maybe someday i will feel good enough but not yet.

If you are ever struggling with mental health, please get in touch with the relevant mental health team for your area, or call samaritans.

Samaritans number: 116 123

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